We are proud to announce that our own Elijah Ramsey has been appointed to represent Florida on the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) State and Local Issues Policy Committee in 2018.


Generally speaking, the committee monitors and analyzes state and local planning Issues, land use regulations, and infrastructure Issues. The committee will tackle topics and issues critical to the mutual goals of the real estate industry and homeowners.


In assembling the 2018 team to address these challenges and opportunities, Elizabeth Mendenhall (2018 NAR President) looked for a diverse and capable group who exemplified a specific set of leadership qualities. These include dedication to the real estate industry, a forward-looking vision for the association, and a range of professional experiences. She is confident that she has selected leaders and experts that will take ownership of protecting homeowner's rights.

Elijah Ramsey


Elijah's goal is to engage Florida homeowners, agents and local, state and national legislators to encourage them to bring forth their unique perspectives and expertise to formulate well-informed decisions on issues pertinent to our industry. He is looking forward to serving with other amazing leaders and having a successful year protecting and promoting home-ownership.



If you would like to talk to Elijah about selling your home call 727-490-8540